The 3 stages: Presentation

3 covered stages, each with their own special theme will hold contemporary Celtic music concert during the whole week-end. From traditional music to prog-rock and world music, our special bill of national and international acts will make you dance and entertain you during the entierty festival.

Two stages are accessible with our combo tickets and the third stage is free of access.

The "Chaudron des Trolls" is our main and biggest stage. With its unique vibe and and theme, the Chaudron will hold our main concert during 4 nights of celebration. From medieval prog-rock ro pagan-Folk and Celtic rock, our selection of artists will provide you with the finest music emerging from the Celtic scene.

  • Tickets required
  • No seats
  • Private area strictly reserved for the disabled
  • Bar and drinks under the tent
  • Catering outside
© Karl Delandsheere, Les Anthinoises 2016

Located in the gorgeous Ferme-abbaye Saint-Laurent, this stage will hold our more traditional acts with dozens of folk and traditional music from internationally-reknowned acts. Open Saturday and Sunday afternoon only. The perfect place for music lovers who want to feast their eyes as well as their ears.

  • Tickets required
  • Seated area
© Karl Delandsheere, Les Anthinoises 2016

Set in a vast Irish Pub-Themed (chapiteau), the "Scène aux Découvertes" will provide you with non-stop musical animations for all. From Friday night will see dozens of newcomers and more confirmed musicans from the Celtic scene. Our kid's show will be held on the discovery stage on sunday afternoon.

  • Free Access
  • Bar and food available on site
© Karl Delandsheere, Les Anthinoises 2016